Yes. You can wash Sleepcozee mattress protectors.
Yes. Sleepcozee waterproof mattress protectors do come with protection.
Sleepcozee mattress protectors come in different shades to suit unique tastes as well as requirements of our customers. We offer protectors in white, grey, camel peach, navy blue and maroon colors.
Sleepcozee baby bed protectors are healthy, snuggly and comfortable to the delicate skin of babies. The bed will always be dry and absolutely no worries about rashes and bacterial infections.
Yes. We have unique, healthy and hygienic protectors for hospitals. We also supply our products to diverse industries such as Hotels, Resorts, Hostels, Residential houses, Leisure & Travel Industries, etc
Sleepcozee mattress protectors are water-proof, dries faster and reusable.


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