Hot Melt Lamination


For the ultimate in health benefits and bed bug protection we offer our premium Hot Melt Lamination as well as Coating Products which is zippered and waterproof protectors. With our zippered protectors, your bed is completely surrounded on all sides preventing bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria and fungus from entering. Although the it is encased, it's still able to breathe properly using our exclusive Activated Carbon Layer Bonding. This helps prevent heat buildup and sweating. Bed bugs are becoming increasing more and can not only ruin your mattress, but can cause health issues as well. Our Hot Melt Lamination protectors are designed for the treatment and prevention of bed bug infestations of the mattress. This means that bed bugs are not able to bite through, enter or exit the protector once applied to the products.

Our luxurious 100% protector is ideal for adding an additional layer of protection to your mattress. With a premium Hot Melt Lamination cover and filling, this protector allows for a more comfortable yet breathable sleep, keeping you cool throughout the night. This protector has a Matt Lamination minimum size from 100mm to 2400mm count cover, elasticated edges for convenience and deep to fit most mattresses. Our Multiple Layer Bonding wonderfully soft mattress topper is designed to transform your sleeping experience instantly. Our luxurious high-quality topper is deep-filled to a depth of 7.5cm, giving you extra loft for a sublime night's sleep. The topper fits neatly over your existing mattress, staying in a place with the elasticated corner straps and compliments the use of standard sheets. The Coating product construction ensures the filling stays in high wash resistance, improved abrasion resistant to effectively support your body at all times.

What can do Matt Lamination minimum size from 100mm to 2400mm
Application: lroning Pad   |   2/3/4 Layer Material laminate


Water Proof

Chemical Proof

Activated Carbon
Layer Bonding

Multiple Layer Bonding
in any Substitutes

Sleepcozee products widthstand extreme conditions and can be used in diverse textile applications.Products designed for use in textile end-use applications should meet special criteria.Due to the use of reactive Polyurethanes the laminates are very refractory,offer high wash resistance,improved abrasion resistence and are flame retardants,the laminates meet all requirements depending on the field of application.We offer our textile customers with easy solutions without compromising on quality.

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